Feb 14, 2022

The Tom Smith Pilates Studio

The Tom Smith Studio is committed to helping you achieve strength, stamina, flexibility and coordination through pilates. This regimen is the oldest codified system in existence and has established a strong heritage in training dancers, gymnasts, and athletes.

The studio is certified by JL Body Conditioning of Del Mar California – one of the reknown pilates studios of Southern California. Tom Smith possesses 20 years of pilates experience as a professional dancer and university instructor.

Each session is overseen by an instructor trained in the pilates method, allowing you to move at your own pace and level of ability. After ten sessions, you will begin to feel better; after twenty to thirty sessions, you will begin to look longer and leaner.

Pilates benefits

Engaging in a pilates program will help you:

Build strength without bulk

Focusing on controlled movement and form, pilates increases strength, by correcting muscular imbalances and building long, lean muscles

Increase flexibility and range of motion

The central powerhouse of a pilates regimen is a strong lower abdomen and lower back, which helps to emphasize correct alignment and proper breathing

Achieve results through a no-impact workout

Pilates movements are non-ballistic. Each exercise requires no more than eight repetitions.